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Friday 19 April 2019
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The Major Solar Energy Benefits

Solar Energy Benefits

If everyone used the sun for our energy requirements and not the fossil fuels we are now using we and the earth would be a much better place. The sun is a powerful source of power and will be there for us all permanently. This energy is renewable and will not be exhausted as will be oil and coal eventually. And the sun offers us more power than we can presently use.

What are the major benefits of using the sun’s power?

� Saves money. After your solar energy system is installed the sun’s power is free of charge. It will always be at no cost. As the costs of other fuels continue to swell your savings will continue to soar.

� Tax saving. Your federal income taxes can be lowered by 30% of the cost of the system. States have tax credits too.

� Permanent basis of energy. The sun will be present forever.

� Guard our natural environment. If everyone will use more of the sun’s energy, then we need less of the harmful fossil fuels.

� Lower oil dependence. As we add to our use of the sun’s energy we will need less foreign oil. A reduced amount of imported oil will diminish our balance of payments which will benefit our nation and the environment.

� Improve health. By reducing the use of polluting oil and coal we will improve the health of all living things.

� Stores power. Your solar power system can store power therefore you will never run out. There will be no power outages.

� Simplicity of maintenance. You will save money and effort as the system will be repairs free.

� Net metering. When your system is producing more energy than you are using (for example during work days when no one is home) this excess will be preserved for future use.

Why are we not taking advantage of this free power from the sun?

This is due partly because all are not knowledgeable of how to utilize this free resource of energy. But with our better understanding combined with scientific advancements we now can provide our homes with this extraordinary power source.

A solar power system can be costly to purchase and set up. Guides to making your own solar panels are currently available. Lots of us are taking advantage of these and saving a lot of money. These guides are extremely inexpensive and simple to use.

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