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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Living in Peace with Nature

Who said it is not possible to save Earth? Obviously you will not wear a cape and fly to save polar bears and reforest Africa; however, there are some simple things you and your family can do to relief our sick planet.
Recycling is extremely popular, but, always remember that before recycling you should reduce and reuse stuff. What does that mean? Well, when it comes to reducing, it consists in avoiding the purchase of unnecessary stuff. I bet you have met people that buy things just because they are on sale but truly don’t need them, then they just use these once to later keep the stuff in a box; that’s wrong! The less we use, the less waste. Try to use everything efficiently!
Later comes reusing, which is basically that: reusing! If you have the possibility to buy used stuff, do; there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, it is a very responsible action. You can get these stuff at thrift shops, eBay, Amazon, garage sales, etc., where you can find extremely cheap clothes, furniture, etc., in good condition. If you don’t want to buy in these places, you can donate stuff so other people benefit from these. Also, you can replace those disposable razors, batteries, and these type of stuff, with ones you can actually reuse several times.
Finally, we get to recycling! Probably you have heard about separating the different elements in distinct bins, or even buying recycled products, but there is more to it. You can make your own home decor and other crafts from stuff you don’t plan to use anymore. There are several websites that teach you step-by-step “diys” on creating beautiful stuff. Also, you can perfectly recycle water, yes, water! All the water used when you take a shower or wash your dishes can be occupied to water gardens (if eco soap is used), wash cars, and other shores that don’t require pure water.
There are hundred to things you can do to live in peace with nature and you don’t have to live in a van and plant your own veggies. It is all about taking conscience about your actions and rewarding Earth with small actions that can have great consequences.

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