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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Reducing carbon footprint

There are really lots of actions we can do to reduce our own CO2 emission, which is popularly called carbon footprint. As our footprint, it is a trace of all our movement and activities no matter how small they are. Because most of them are involved in increase of CO2 and alike.
Foundation of reducing carbon footprint is to be aware of it. In our own homes we can reduce in many ways. Placing isolation on the walls and windows to reduce electricity or fuel consume. Using air condition wisely and keeping windows and doors open at right time and not all the time. Implementation of alternative energy sources is surely a good choice for our wallet too. If we use less of warmed water in dishwashers, clothes washers and for showers we will save considerable amount of energy. Dimming and using power save light bulbs will still provide us with enough light.

One of most known ways to protect environment is through recycling. Almost all things we use daily could be recycled including food remains that can be used as organic fuel, or mobile phones and tablets which are mostly made of plastic. Process of making and modifying plastic requires heat as well. Why should we not give away or sell our technical appliances and purchase our ones on the same way.
Activity that is considered as one of main ones for global warming is transportation. We spend too much time in our cars while actually we are getting nowhere. Smart car driving greatly reduces carbon emission and therefore our carbon footprint, even one tone of CO2 a year. So being a efficient driver means being an aware driver. And there is always a choice of public transport, bicycle or any other wheel-turning, eco-friendly vehicle you could think of.

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