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Monday 18 March 2019
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Bring Alternative Energy to Your Home

Unless you’ve been living under a large mound of coal or can’t hear anybody over the loud, wasteful roar of your Hummer, than it’s likely you’re aware of the alternative energy solutions many companies and governments have been implementing in an attempt to not only saves costs, but save the environment. While we are far from a global solution to a clean, green world, there is a way to make your own eco-friendly environment right at home. By using green products in your household, you can help live an environmentally friendly lifestyle that would make Mother Nature proud. Green cleaning products are one way of doing this. Available at a variety of stores and online, green cleaning products are healthier for you in a physical sense as well as an environmental one. Traditional cleaning products release harmful chemicals into the environment that can effect the air quality and our local waterways. This of course, can make its way back into our bodies increasing the risk of illness. Green products extend far outside the realm of cleaning. Sustainable food packaging is a easy and effective way to get on board with the green initiative. Think about how much waste is in this category alone. While your local fast food chain won’t abandon the convenience of using paper products to serve their food, you can at least control this at your home. There are a wide range of bottles, coffee cups, reusable bags and containers that are a simple wash away from being used again and again. These products may seem more expensive than their disposable relatives at first, but they pay for themselves after a while. Simple actions such as this while small, help to decrease the worlds eco-footprint and it starts with bringing green products to your home. The large governments will always work slowly and operate slightly out of our control, but making your little world environmentally friendly is a step in the right direction.

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