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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Solar Power; The Best Alternative Energy

The world today is dependent on power. On daily basis, organizations, companies, and institutions rely on power for their operations. The commonly known sources of energy includes hydroelectric and petroleum. Despite the negative effects that they have on environment, they are still the leading sources of stable energy for homes, industries and automobiles.

However, researches have been working tirelessly in search of other advanced alternative energy solutions. The first alternative which was invented was geothermal which seems strong but had a disadvantage of stability. Geothermal as a source is only limited to areas with such eruptions.

Wind on the other hand appeared to be a great idea but never materialized. Wind is one of the clean energy sources with zero percent negative effect to the environment. However, the greatest limitation of this source is also stability. It is limited to availability of winds, hence no power when it is calm. Unlike water, wind cannot be manipulated by human being.

Then solar seems to be the best alternative source of energy. Initially, solar could be seen as a relief to hydroelectric but not a substitute for petroleum. Introduction of solar panels for home electrification led to a shift to clean energy and everybody became optimistic about its relevance. Again limitation revealed itself. On a cloudy day, if sun does not shine at all, all homes that operates on soar panels experience black-out. This has made researchers to opt for optimizing solar as a source to advance it.

Advancement in energy generation has led to introduction of special solar panels that do not depend on the heat but rather the light from the sun. This advancement has proven that truly there exists other advanced alternative energy solutions that can be adopted. Solar energy is the most advanced alternative in the current time. However, the greatest challenge is the cost of the gadgets, special solar panels that operates on light rather than heat.

Therefore, it is clear that truly there exists best alternative sources of energy but very expensive.

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