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Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Alternative Sources for Clean Water

As our planet earth becomes depleted due to high rates of pollution, global warming is slowly eating into our snow packs and the water in the wells and dams is slowly becoming unsafe for use due to dissolved chemicals from factories and agricultural farms. Water crisis is becoming real with each day that passes.

As the saying goes “necessity existed before innovation” there is one technology that many have not come to know about, it may be the only solution to our future supply of fresh water both for domestic and commercial use.

Atmospheric water generator is a device that is able to extract water from the atmospheric humidity, by taking advantage of the basic science of condensation. Water vapor in the air is cooled in to its liquid form; the liquid is then captured and stored in holding tanks as fresh drinking water. Provided the humidity level is above 40%, temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and a height above the sea level that doesn’t exceed 4000 feet water can be collected.

How does the machine ensure water is pure? The water generated using this device is one of the purest as it’s free from any organic materials, the ozonation and ultra violet process combined with a series of advanced filtration processes ensure that no bacteria or other microorganisms actually get into the storage chambers. All this is put in place to ensure that the water collected typically meet the National Science Federation standards.

Another blessing that the Atmospheric Water Machine comes with is its mobility and compatibility with most of the electrical wiring in our homes. The device uses a lot of energy and that is why its advisable to use alternative sources of power, this increases its use when natural disasters like flooding or hurricanes sweep away the electric poles.

The machine also utilizes automatic features that detect when the holding tank is full or empty and they initiate appropriate action.

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